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WORRIED about your ability to cope with a stressful work or family transition?

OVERWHELMED with  the care demands of family members with  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke or other disabling conditions?

INCREASINGLY STRESSED with the burden you are carrying?

STRUGGLING to enlist other family members and find resources to lessen your stress?

LOSING the ability to maintain a healthy balance between work, care for your family members and self care?

Sleeplessness, depression, feelings of  isolation and anxiety are common symptoms when experiencing a significant life transition, such as  in your professional life, like losing a job,  or in your family life, such as caring for an elderly or disabled loved one.

With the support and attention of experienced and licensed counselors and coaches, you will:

  • Improve your sense of control in an often frustrating, unpredictable  and volatile  situation
  • Learn how to get the information, support and respite you need to maintain  mastery of your responsibilities
  • Understand the emotional and physical aspects of sudden life transitions-such as career shift or unplanned care giving responsibilities
  • Rediscover  how to maintain a healthy life  balance in the face of life transition
  • Learn how to identify and access the most helpful resources of family, friends and professionals

We will meet in my private, comfortable office for individual and family counseling and consultation. Telephonic coaching is also an efficient and effective way to receive services.

Whether you receive counseling, coaching or consultative support, you will get back to a greater sense of well-being and life balance.  Call today!